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Function Venues in Adelaide

Over time, Luigi’s has orchestrated numerous private functions in Adelaide, ranging from weddings, engagements, intimate gatherings, milestone birthdays, corporate functions and much more!


If you are looking for large or small function rooms in Adelaide, we’re equipped to accommodate events ranging from 20 to over 200 guests, with all arrangements custom-tailored to suit your needs.


With over three decades of expertise in event coordination, we have function venues to accommodate your special occasion. Our team eagerly anticipates the opportunity to assist in commemorating your upcoming special event.


When booking your small functions in Adelaide, count on Luigi’s to ensure your event goes off with a bang! Our diverse history of functions in Adelaide showcases our capability to cater to the unique requirements of any special occasion, promising an atmosphere that perfectly complements your vision.

About Luigi's Delicatessen

Growing up in Naples, Italy, food, wine and family were integral parts of daily life. It felt as though every meal was a performance, a “theatre of food,” where love infused every dish and brought people together to savour, converse, laugh and share the joys of the day. This passion for hospitality runs deep in my veins and I couldn’t be prouder of that!


To me, Luigi’s is not just a business; it’s an extension of my home and each customer who walks through our doors becomes a part of our extended family. It’s a profound honour every time someone chooses to spend their time with us.


My philosophy is simple: it’s not just about serving incredible food and beverages; it’s about providing top-notch service with a genuine smile and truly caring for our customers’ well-being. At Luigi’s, we strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and appreciated. So come on in, join our family, and let us treat you to an unforgettable experience.


Enjoy e buon appetito!

Our Delicacies

We’ve never stuck strictly to a fixed menu; instead, we pride ourselves on crafting dishes, for your small functions in Adelaide, based on what’s in season and of the highest quality at any given moment. Our culinary focus centres around homemade pasta, the freshest seafood, classic traditional entrees and thoughtful options for vegetarians and vegans, all featuring a healthy array of fresh produce.


Throughout the years, we’ve honed a distinctive approach to dining when it comes to private functions in our Adelaide space, often presenting our creations on shared boards, perfect for enjoying at your private event. This unique dining experience not only keeps things exciting but also elevates the level of service, ensuring every visit is filled with delightful surprises and memorable moments.

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